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Free Trial Vodafone

Text Centre


Vodafone Text Centre lets you send and receive text messages from your PC. The free software integrates with Microsoft Outlook®, making text messages as easy to manage as your email. You can even use Vodafone Text Centre to send you text reminders about important appointments and email messages wherever you are.

This service is free to Vodafone business customers until 1st January 2006, usage is subject to a limit of 50 text messages a day per user. Vodafone reserve the right to charge the customer for all additional text messages according to Vodafone's standard list price for the promotional period.

Vodafone Text Centre allows you to:

  • Send text messages from your PC to any national or international mobile number
  • Send the same message to many people at the same time
  • Receive replies on your PC or on your mobile phone
  • Send extra-long text messages of up to 755 characters
  • Set up text message reminders about important appointments
  • Receive text message alerts when email messages arrive
  • Use your existing email contacts when sending message.

Click on the link below to direct you to download Vodafone Text Centre

Click Here: Download Vodafone Text Centre

IP Telephony

IP Telephony is a communications solution allowing voice, fax, and other forms of communication to be carried over the Internet Protocol, Internet or IP systems, where these were previously carried over the public switched telephone network, or PSTN.

Ten Good Reasons to Invest In

IP Telephony


Dane Europe offers bespoke communications systems and will design a package to suit your needs, not just sell you something off the shelf. We can tell you exactly how much you will save before you choose to buy, and provide all the advice and support you will need.

No-cost calls to your colleagues: IP Telephony routes your voice calls over the same network as your data communications, so internal calls between your offices can be free, even if you're calling New York from Newcastle upon Tyne.

Bring the home office in from the cold: With IP telephony, home workers can enjoy the same features and facilities as office-based workers, with calls routed free of charge to the office PBX, another extension or an outside call.

Installation and maintenance: keep it simple: Why deal with two support teams when you only need deal with one? With IP telephony, the same people look after both your IT and your telephone systems.

It's easy to switch: You can enjoy the full benefits of IP telephony with your existing wiring and handset, hardware can be updated 'bit by bit;. Alternatively, with a suitable headset, your laptop could even become your phone.

Fewer Growing Pains: Up until now, if you wanted to expand the size of your PBX, you would have probably needed to replace an existing switch with a bigger one. IP telephony offers unlimited scalability.

It's your choice: IP Telephony uses Open Standards giving you complete.independence in your choice of equipment supplier.

Harder Working, smarter working: Because you can integrate your telephone system with other customer-facing business applications, productivity and efficiency can drastically improve.

Sharpen your competitive edge: The chances are your competitors are, or soon will be, looking at IP telephony as a way to improve their service to their customers. Leave them in the starting blocks by getting there first.

The technology of the future...:: It's a certainty that all telephone systems will be IP-based in the near future. Major companies have already migrated to IP telephony and are now enjoying its cost-saving and feature-rich benefits.

... for the way you work today: IP telephony allows companies to build flexibility into their operations. IP telephony allows staff to work from home appearing as if they were working in the office.

Search, find, and connect to what you're looking for with the FREE mobile search application.

Nokia's new search application gives you access to the leading search engines for a richer mobile search experience. The search application is a simple, convenient, and fast way to find and connect to local services, websites, images, and mobile content - all from the palm of your hand.

Download the free search application now.

Local Search

When out and about, find and contact local services like restaurants and shops, then let the advanced mapping technology guide you right to them!

Mobile Content

Find mobile-specific content like wallpaper, ringtones, images, and mobile sites. News, weather reports, horoscopes, games, and a host of other relevant content can also be found straight from your phone.

Media Roaming

Media roaming gives you the convenience of local searching when travelling in any country where a local search partner operates. The best and most well known local search engines - providing location-specific, relevant information - are now only a few seconds away.

W800i is a huge hit!

Sony Ericsson's W800i walkman phone sold out across the country just days after it was released. Stock shortages are expected to last several weeks. Source Mobile Magazine

This Months Competition Prize

is a

DVD Player!!!

DVD DIVX Player TSM 313

  • DVD Player- plays worldwide movies
  • Divx Player-allows you to play movies downloaded from the internet
  • CD audio player
  • MP3 player
  • CD photo player
To win answer the question below and email your answer to:-

What is the maximum number of text messages you can send from your computer each day when trialling Vodafone Text Centre?

Entries Must Be Submitted by

Wed' 28th

Sep' 2005

Congratulations to Last Months Winner:-

Last month's competition winner is Mike Webb from AVS Fencing, who takes away a free Bluetooth Dongle. Well done Mike, you beat 100's of other entrants!

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