Nov 05

Santas Stocking- something for everyone!!!

With so many handsets now available, it is difficult to decide which one to buy - especially at Christmas time when you want to really surprise someone. We thought that we would choose four categories that users fall into; the fashion lovers, the music lovers, the ladies and the technology lovers; We have selected what we feel are the best handsets in these categories.

For the fashion lovers-Motorola V6

Not as high spec as other handsets on the market but if you want a phone that looks good - this is the one.

  • Iconic oval shaped design with elegant smooth finish
  • Tri band
  • Integrated VGA camera with video
  • MPEG 4 player
  • Bluetooth
  • Wap 2.0
  • Email

For the music lovers -

Sony Ericsson W550

A member of the new 'walkman phone' range by Sony Ericsson, a must have for music lovers. Also check out the Motorola Rokr another superb music phone that is Apple itunes compatible -

  • Compact, swivel action phone
  • Wap 2.0
  • Tri band
  • 1.3 MP camera + video with flash
  • 256 MB shared memory
  • Bluetooth
  • FM radio with RDS
  • Available in vibrant orange, orchid white and universe blue

For the Ladies- Samsung E530

A feminine clamshell design available in four colours.

  • Fashionable clamshell design
  • 1 MP camera with digital zoom and flash
  • Video recording and video player
  • MP3 player
  • Bluetooth
  • Email
  • Womens life appliances
  • Available in pink, orange, silver and blue

For the Technology lovers- Samsung D600

A high spec handset- the successor to the popular Samsung D500.

  • Quad band
  • 2 MP camera
  • Bluetooth v1.2
  • TV output
  • Edge
  • MP3/AAC/AAC + music player
  • MPEG 4 video recording and playback
  • 72 MB total shared memory + transflash card slot
  • Picsel viewer for MS office documents

Vodafone WLAN


Vodafone WLAN is based on Wireless LAN technology, which is often referred to as 802.11b or 'Wi-Fi'. It allows you to set up a high-speed wireless

connection to the Internet or your company network by using a WLAN-enabled laptop when you're at specific public location called 'Hotspots'.

Vodafone's WLAN service is available at over 1300 Hotspot locations across the UK, including airports, hotels, conference centres, motorway service stations, restaurants and cafes.

Business Benefits

Vodafone WLAN gives you a high-speed wireless connection whenever you need one:

  • Easy to use - simply register online for the service and log in at a Hotspot location
  • Surf the net and connect to your company network (via VPN) at broadband speeds
  • Purchase your session online at a Hotspot, with no need for a subscription, prepay vouchers or entering credit card details
  • All your WLAN charges are transferred directly onto your monthly Vodafone bill.
How Does It Work?

To start using it, you'll need a laptop with Wireless LAN capability. Some laptops have this built-in e.g. Intel CentrinoTM laptop PCs, whilst others will require a Wireless LAN PCMCIA card or USB device. You'll find that the Vodafone WLAN service should work with devices that are IEEE 802.11b and Wi-Fi certified.

What does it do?

Allows you to surf internet at broadband speed and access most email accounts.
Access to your company intranet, LAN or VPN.

What You need?

Security on VPN is achieved through IPSec based VPN which your company will need to provide.

How Much Does It Cost?

You pay for the service in 'sessions'. The price depends on the length of time you want to stay connected. Each session is added to your specified monthly Vodafone bill, which takes away the hassle of needing to deal with several bills.


Standard price (exc. VAT)

30 minutes


60 minutes


120 minutes


Contact us for further information:-
Tel:- 01273 587600 or

Refer Your Clients or Suppliers to us & We Will Pay You £25 Per Mobile Connected.


If you refer a client/supplier to us with 20 mobile phones and we connect them - you will receive:-

20 x £25 = £500.00!!!

Imagine how easy it is to make extra money by referring us to 5 of your clients and 5 of your suppliers.


These additional funds can be used in a number of ways:

Equipment Subsidies - the amount you receive will go onto your account - you can use this towards any equipment you like.

Cash or Cheque - Whichever you prefer.

You may choose to use this to go towards your companies Christmas do

A team building day out.

Or, you may choose to give to charity - the choice is yours.

Contact us for further information:-
Tel:- 01273 587600 or
Nokia to launch 3 new fashion handsets

Nokia have announced its L'Amour collection, featuring three new fashion handsets- 7360, 7370 and the 7380, all expected to launch in the first quarter of 2006.

The new Nokias are based on similar designs to last years 7200 series but with updated features and looks. All three handsets feature textures such as ceramics, silk and leather! More details will be available upon release.

More TV for 3

3 has added seven new channels ti its mobile TV service, including CNN, Extreme Sports and ITN. The operator is also launching its own free-to-view TV channel, set to feature original programming as well as news and weather updates.

This Months Competition Prize

is a

Bottle of

Champagne !!!

To win answer the question below and email your answer to:-

How much would you receive from us for each mobile connected when referring clients or suppliers to us?

Entries Must Be Submitted by

30th November2005

Congratulations to Last Months Winner:-

The Revo V3 Bluetooth Headset was won by Terry Dennett from J Thomas (Southern) Ltd,

Mini Guide to Mobile Phone Services Part 2

In last months eNews, you received the first part of our mini guide to our favourite Mobile Services. We hope you found these useful.

Here are the final 5:

  • MSN Messenger- MSN Messenger for mobiles. Log in for free for the first month.
  • Bonusprint Mobile- This service offers you a 100 MB online photo album, and your address book is available through your web album.
  • Shazam- If you've heard a song you can't identify, Shazam will identify it for you, and let you buy it! Type 2580 to 'tag' the track.
  • Autotrader- with this, you can search through 300,000 cars or bikes, nationally or locally.

Our Products

Dane Europe now source and supply a huge range of products to cover the telecommunications requirements of both Corporate and SME businesses.

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